Human Resources Officer @ Hegazy Group

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Human Resources Officer Jobs In Hegazy Group

Hegazy Group requires Human Resources Officer

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Job Summary

Job Title: Human Resources Officer
Employer: Hegazy Group
Career Level: Entry Level
Experience Needed: Requirements
Job Type : Full Time
Salary: Negotiable
Vacancies: Opportunities

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الوصف الوظيفي لوظيفة مسئول موارد بشرية | Human Resources Officer Job Description

الشروط | Job Requirements

-Gender : Male
-elgarbia residence are preferable
- Minimum 1-2 year of experience.
- very good command in English language.
-Very good computer skills (Microsoft Office).
- HR Diploma is preferred.

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بين الجنسين: ذكر
- الإقامة في الغربية هي الأفضل
- الحد الأدنى 1-2 سنة من الخبرة.
- أمر جيد جدا في اللغة الإنجليزية.
مهارات الكمبيوتر جيدة جدا (مايكروسوفت أوفيس).
- يفضل دبلوم الموارد البشرية.

مهام الوظيفة | Job Duties

مهام وظائف مسئول موارد بشرية في مصر | job duties For Human Resources Officer Jobs In Egypt

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الاتصال | Connection

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الإمام أبو حنيفة، طنطا (قسم 2)، طنطا، الغربية
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We started in the Egyptian market in 1981 as grower of broiler hens, then after interacting with many customers we found their need of a reliable supplier of all the inputs of the poultry industry. Here we knew our responsibility to provide the market with high quality industry inputs such as feeds, one day old chicks (parent stock – commercial layer, commercial broiler), veterinarian medicines and even equipment’s such as hatcheries, farm equipment and etc…

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To apply for Human Resources Officer job vacancy in Hegazy Group please send your CV to E-Mail

mentioning the job title in the subject line

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